JJ School Montessori is a newly established preschool in Imphal. Mr. Thangjam Joykumar Singh under the “Joykumar and Jiteshwori Foundation” founded the school with a vision to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment that will help the child develop an excellent foundation for creative learning. In today's fast-paced world where technology has overpowered us, JJ School aims to provide a fresh environment where children can interact with nature and find their potential to face the world tomorrow. The school was started with a mission to offer quality education where children will develop a love of learning and have fun while doing so. A preschool that is different in its approach, learning methods and philosophy. This school is based on the principles of – Montessori Learning to provide a solid foundation in the early years of child education. We started the school with the aim of providing a stage where children are offered knowledge to develop their personality and bring an overall development of mind and body. We do not believe in grades and exams, we believe in human values, potential and talent.

We understand that early education of children is the most crucial part of their development as the first six years of children experiences fastest growth of the brain. If guided and monitored well, it can bring the best out of the child and can give him the abilities to face the challenges and make a bright future. We always strive to recognize the individuality of each child as every child is unique and special in its own way. It is our duty to understand and encourage each child with his / her innate qualities and skills. We encourage our children to discover their hobbies and passion to be nurtured into a confident and happy child.

JJ School has a vision to promote Montessori Education and philosophy, which is the best learning methodology for human minds. We are committed to offer best quality of early education in the city by creating an excellent environment of play way learning for children. We dedicate our teachers, staff and management in shaping up the future of children we admit in our play school.